Established in 2017

We started making soap after my partner and I decided to stop using palm oil products in our household. For info about how the palm oil industry is harming endangered wildlife please click here. Making a high-quality product for our family to use evolved into a business driven by the desire to share our unique handmade soap with more people.

To make slipsoap we use the Hot Process Method of soap making. This is by far the less common method used by small scale independent soap makers, compared with the Cold Process Method. In Cold Process soap making the finished product has a curing time of weeks or months. With Hot Process soap, you add a step, called the “cook”, which speeds up the process, with the soap being ready to use within 24 hours. In Hot Process soap making you are also under pressure to put the finishing touches on the soap quickly before it goes into the mold, as the soap is drying rapidly once cooked. We both love the thrill of Hot Process soap making and the unique, rustic, rugged and beautiful look of our bars and loaves. 

alanna & Joe


to make soap with a conscience and to provide an astonishingly pleasant washing experience for you and your loved ones.


we hope we can spread a positive message about rethinking soap. Industrially made and commercially sold soap is inexpensive and easily accessed, but can be harmful to the health of your body and the environment. We offer an alternative: a high quality product at an affordable price, so that switching to handcrafted small batch soap for your everyday use makes sense.